Dedicated Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Representation

In today’s world, debt is something that most people are facing. Medical bills, credit card bills, house payments and other financial obligations can make it difficult to stay afloat. However, you have options for seeking relief from the stress of debt. Formerly viewed with a negative stigma, bankruptcy is actually a realistic and proactive way to get on top of your finances and rid yourself of debt.

At the office of Darren K. Mexic, Attorney at Law, in Bowling Green, I use my 18 years of experience to help my clients understand their bankruptcy options. Many people qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which allows for the discharge of most unsecured debts. I understand the emotions that often accompany financial issues, especially when it feels so overwhelming you do not know what to do. My clients know when they come to me, they get the judgment-free and compassionate guidance they need to move forward.

Qualifying For Chapter 7

Since Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows for the dismissal of many different types of debts, there is a process through which people need to qualify. This is called the means test. It is essentially a formula in which numbers such as your income, your expenses and your family’s size are entered to determine your ability to repay your debts. If passed, the means test allows you to file for Chapter 7. If you do not pass the means test, you still may have the option of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What Debts Can Be Eliminated

When a debt is not secured by property (such as a home or car loan), it may be dismissed as part of the Chapter 7 process. Types of debts that can be discharged include:

  • Medical bills (which are the No. 1 reason people file for bankruptcy)
  • Credit card debt
  • Phone bills
  • Unpaid electricity, water or other utilities
  • Personal loans

While you may be able to keep your home or car in bankruptcy, it is not always in your best interests to retain these assets. When talking with me about our case, we can determine the best way to approach your debt and the Chapter 7 filing. As all my clients and their situations are unique, I tailor each approach to suit their needs and goals.

For additional information, please review my FAQs about bankruptcy.

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I am a debt relief agent. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.